Shifting that belly

The toughest part of losing weight is trying to get that belly to shift. You can do sit-ups until you’re blue in the face and still not see the results when having a quick flex in the mirror.

So how can you go that extra mile to help shift the belly and start to flaunt it? Here are some unique ways I’ve found online that I wanted to share.

Wrap Your Belly Up


When the idea of lying on a table and sweating it out for a few hours doesn’t sound too bad, you can go and have a tummy tucking body wrap down at a specialist salon. As the video above shows there is a DIY way of doing it at home that simply involves grabbing some cling film and tying everything up nice and tight, but those who do it professionally will usually apply an exfoliator on your belly first and then some oils that really get a sweat on when you’re wrapped up tight and get all the muscles to contract and suck that fat in.

It won’t work straight away but I have seen example were people who do it regularly shows some signs of getting the bulge down a good bit.

Use A laser!

We’re living in the future my friends. We now have the ability to zap away fat just like that in order to get a smaller belly and waist. Laser lipo is an amazing treatment that uses laser energy to heat up pockets of fat around your belly and waste. Why is heating your belly up any good? Imagine what happens when you put butter in the microwave and zap it for ten seconds. It will quickly break down and down to liquid.

If that happens to the fat in your body, the digestive system instant reaction is that the fat is being used as energy and needs to be got rid of. When that happens the fat naturally passes through the body (just like everything else) and your belly is encouraged to get tighter ow that there’s some space in there.

Get to contouring

If you’re like me and you hear the word contour all that comes to mind are hundreds of hours spent watching other girls perfectly apply their make up on YouTube. When you walk in to a clinic and ask for contouring though, you’re getting to have a large pad rubbed all over your thighs.

Body contouring is a treatment where radio frequency energy stimulates collagen and tries to get the fat that won’t budge to shift (a little bit like that laser treatment I just mentioned). It’s best suited for people who have lone handles or don’t like the muffin top look on their sides as it does a good job of tightening pockets of skin and reducing the visibility of loose skin.

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