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No RX Vpxl, Cities Shop for Free Wi-Fi:"A busted deal between Sacramento and wireless provider MobilePro showshow the rise of a new business model -- based on ads instead ofsubscriptions -- is shaking up the municipal Wi-Fi market."

While it costs about $200 to acquire a new subscriber, a freeservice attracts more subscribers more quickly. Today, 30mg Vpxl, 10mg Vpxl, there are about10,000 consumers using MetroFi's service in Sunnyvale, Vpxl craiglist, 1000mg Vpxl, and in theneighboring cities of Santa Clara and Cupertino. Nearly 80% of theusers came on board after the switch to the free model supported byadvertising, Vpxl uk, Vpxl coupon, the company says.

(Via Today's Free Features.)

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Where Can I Buy Tindamax, This is sad, but could be worse.  And it could get worse.  Its too hard to cut through the mumbo-jumbo as expressed in this WSJ article:

While the underlying themes of "equality of access" and"stifling regulation" are relatively simple, everyone on both sides isstruggling to explain the issue.

"I'm trying to figure out a way to shorten 'proscriptive governmentcontrols over products and services delivered over the Internet' intoone or two words, 750mg Tindamax. Tindamax craiglist, It ain't easy!" a Hill aide groused recently.
Republican Sen, 500mg Tindamax. Tindamax overseas, Ted Stevens of Alaska told a group of cable executiveslast week, "The more I seek to find what the problem is, Tindamax canada, Tindamax india, the harder jobI have of trying to define it."

When a problem is overwhelming I look at it first in simplisticterms. Without net neutrality the owners and controllers of thenetworks will have increasing control over the content that flows overthose networks, Where Can I Buy Tindamax. Think radio over the last 15 years, Tindamax uk. 40mg Tindamax, Network TV. Themusic business, 30mg Tindamax. Tindamax japan, Consolidation can stifle art, culture, 50mg Tindamax, Tindamax coupon, competition andcommunication.

Where Can I Buy Tindamax, Nobody really understands the net long-term effect of rejecting netneutrality. So the pols should leave the Internet alone until it isunderstood, 150mg Tindamax. Tindamax ebay,

And watch this: Before the Music Dies   

Net neutrality amendment dies / Telecommunications bill goes to Senate without provision sought by Web firms:"In a dramatic tie vote Wednesday, a U.S, 20mg Tindamax. Tindamax mexico, Senate committee rejected anamendment that would have preserved the status quo of equal pricing forall Internet traffic, an issue known as network neutrality, 10mg Tindamax. Tindamax usa, Althoughthe net neutrality amendment did not..."

(Via SFGate: Business & Technology.)

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The Myth of the Midlife Crisis: "

Buy Levaquin Over The Counter, It'stime we stopped dismissing middle age as the beginning of the end. Levaquin australia, Research suggests that at 40, the brain's best years are still ahead.

(Via Newsweek Health for Life.)

While changing our perspective, Levaquin overseas, Levaquin mexico, age also remodels ourbrains, leaving us better equipped to fulfill our own dreams, Levaquin us. 200mg Levaquin, The mostimportant difference between older brains and younger brains is alsothe easiest to overlook: older brains have learned more than youngones. Throughout life, Levaquin canada, 750mg Levaquin, our brains encode thoughts and memories byforming new connections among neurons. The neurons themselves may losesome processing speed with age, 30mg Levaquin, 100mg Levaquin, but they become ever more richlyintertwined. Magnified tremendously, the brain of a mentally active50-year-old looks like a dense forest of interlocking branches, andthis density reflects both deeper knowledge and better judgment, buy Levaquin Over The Counter. That'swhy age is such an advantage in fields like editing, Levaquin craiglist, 500mg Levaquin, law, medicine, 10mg Levaquin, Levaquin paypal, coaching and management. There is no substitute for acquired learning.

Knowledge and wisdom aren't the only fruits of age, 20mg Levaquin. 50mg Levaquin, Newresearch suggests that as our brains become more densely wired, theyalso become less rigidly bifurcated, Levaquin ebay. 1000mg Levaquin, As I mentioned earlier, our brainsactually consist of two separate structures—a right brain and a leftbrain—linked by a row of fibers called the corpus callosum, 250mg Levaquin. 40mg Levaquin, In mostpeople, the left hemisphere specializes in speech, Levaquin usa, Levaquin japan, language and logicalreasoning, while the right hemisphere handles more intuitive tasks, Levaquin india, 150mg Levaquin, such as face recognition and the reading of emotional cues. But asscientists have recently discovered through studies with PET scans andmagnetic resonance imaging, Levaquin coupon, Levaquin uk, this pattern changes as we age. Unlikeyoung adults, who handle most tasks on one side of the brain or theother, older ones tend to use both hemispheres. Duke Universityneuroscientist Robert Cabeza has dubbed this phenomenon HemisphericAsymmetry Reduction in Older Adults—HAROLD for short—and his researchsuggests it is no accident.


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Washington Post Opposes Net Neutrality: "

networkaccess.jpg No RX Accutane, In advance of tomorrow’s Senate hearings, the Washington Post has this editorialin today’s paper that basically comes out against net neutrality.  Theeditorial makes a good bottom-line point regarding the negative actsthat might occur absent net neutrality regulations:  these woes-to-comeare fundamentally speculative.  Nothing bad has happened yet.

The weakest aspect of the neutrality case is that thedangers it alleges are speculative. It seems unlikely that broadbandproviders will degrade Web services that people want and far morelikely that they will use non-neutrality to charge for upgradingservices that depend on fast and reliable delivery, Accutane india, Accutane ebay, such as streaminghigh-definition video or relaying data from heart monitors. If thisproves wrong, 750mg Accutane, 500mg Accutane, the government should step in. But it should not burdenthe Internet with preemptive regulation.

But, 250mg Accutane, 20mg Accutane, the editorial writers made a truly laughable gaffe by writing

The advocates of neutrality suggest, absurdly, Accutane mexico, 200mg Accutane, that anon-neutral Internet would resemble cable TV: a medium through whichonly corporate content is delivered. This analogy misses the fact thatthe market for Internet connections, Accutane usa, 50mg Accutane, unlike that for cable television,is competitive: More than 60 percent of Zip codes in the United Statesare served by four or more broadband providers that compete to giveconsumers what they want — fast access to the full range of Web sites, Accutane overseas, Accutane uk, including those of their kids’ soccer league, their cousins’ photos, Accutane paypal, 40mg Accutane, and the Christian Coalition.

The Post, Accutane coupon, 100mg Accutane, which owns one of the top ten cable companies inthe country, CableOne, Accutane japan, 150mg Accutane, can’t really believe the market for broadbandservices is competitive, can it?  I think not.  This line is straightout of the cable industry’s talking point papers that it circulates tomembers.

The other gaffe:  relying on FCC data to say that more than 60% ofzip codes are served by more than four broadband providers.  Ha ha ha, 1000mg Accutane. Accutane canada, That’s funny. 

Number one, the FCC counts any broadband provider as serving anentire zip code if it only serves one home in that zip code, 30mg Accutane, Accutane australia, a factthat drives the Commission itself to warn that the data are not helpfulfor determining competition in the broadband sector.

Number two, as Tim Karr pointsout, 10mg Accutane, Accutane craiglist, the GAO has pooped on the FCC’s data and has determined that mostconsumers can choose from, at most, Accutane us, two broadband providers.  That’s aduopoly, not competition.

Number three, even if broad zip code-level network provider datawere appropriate, the data reported by the Commission is wrong morethan it’s right, something that work-a-day communications attorneys saythey deal with all the time.

Number four, who do you know, outside of, maybe, Manhattan, thatactually can choose from among four broadband providers?  Nobody, Isuspect.


(Via IP Democracy.)


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