Getting Leaner Legs (And showing them off)

It’s creeping ever so closely to party season and that means a number of things: getting the right dress for the Xmas party, making sure you have a pair of emergency slip-ons in your bag at all times, and of course, being able to show off your legs when all dolled up.

When losing weight, the much desired thigh gap is to some a mysterious wonderland that doesn’t exist But I’m here to tell you it does, and here’s you can get leaner looking legs.

Get a Free Trainer

YouTube is your best friend in the leg department. I’ve stopped reading articles and now get all the info I need from videos that real people are putting up online and sharing their experiences on. One channel in particular called Fitness Blender I’ve become a massive fan of. It’s run by a couple who do free workouts for girls and guys, and the girls workout focus a lot on problem areas and how to tone everything. I did this butt and thigh workout a few evenings in the flat instead of watching stuff on Netflix and even though I woke up with a sore bum the next morning, after 2 weeks I didn’t notice a big improvement.

Ditch the Fake Tan

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to best to look flawless for a big night out and your fake tan just does not sit right. You wake up the next morning to see you’ve been tagged on facebook and every photo of you sitting down looks terrible thanks to stupid tan lines. Now when I’m looking for my legs to not have a pasty white glare, I’ve switch to using body tints from Lush. It’s like a bar of soap that you rub along your legs and arms and ends up giving you a nice and subtle glow over a full on brown attack. You can rub it on without have to use a big mitt too which helps.

Don’t Run in Bad Shoes

Running is a great way to help tone legs and if you’re planning for really pounding the pavement in the Autumn evenings for your Xmas goals, don’t go doing it in a cheap pair of running shoes. You’re probably wondering “Well what does it have to do with how my legs look?”. Well, you might not know that when you put your legs under too much stress from a run, your joints can respond by going “Oh this is bad” and flaring up, leaving you with potentially swollen knees and thighs. If you’re trying to get in shape and want your legs to look amazing in the process, I’d suggest using an elliptical machine to take the stress off.

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