Banishing Bingo Wings

There are moment in pop culture in just embed on the mind and don’t let go. For some people it might be a particular quote from The Simpsons. For others (like my brother) it will almost breaking my jaw while trying to replicate The Rock’s wrestling moves he’d just seen on the tele. I have one that will pop up in my head from time to time and it’s all about the dreaded bingo wing.

I was just a young girl who obviously was the biggest Girls Aloud fan going. Watching a show on T4 (now we’re talking) about the band, Kimberley was watching a clip of herself performing and started pointing at the screen to talk about how she hated her bingo wings. Even though she was the oldest member of the group, she was still really young and hearing someone I idolised talking about her weight so freely was quite nice.

And while I do sometimes hide my Spotify Now Playing on Facebook when Girls Aloud come on, the fight to banish the bingo wing has stuck with me. If that’s the case with you, you’ll want to know what ways to get rid of it, and I have 2 easy exercise tips just for it.

Exercise Tip 1: Push the office chair against the wall

This is a great little tip and a good way of understanding how your wings can turn in to guns. A lot of the fat around the arms is easiest to get rid of, and the reason most of it stays is because of the muscle on the back of the arm. That’s your tricep and it is a muscle that doesn’t get enough notice. When you see people lifting weights, they’re only training the bicep on the front of the arms and not the tricep at the back.

If you do some simple exercises enough focusing on the triceps, you’ll quickly develop more muscle and burn fat there. AND TODAY IS THE DAY YOU START WORKING THOSE GUNS. All you need to do is push your chair against the wall, hunker like the photo above and try to get your bum touching the ground without moving your legs and letting your triceps do the hard work.

The first time you do it you might only be able to do one or two, but that was one or two than you could before. Keep at it and you’ll be able to crack out a quick set of 20 in no time at all.

Exercise Tip 2: Buy Resistance Bands

Some people don’t have the confidence to go to the gym when beginning their weight loss journey (I should know, I’ve been there too) and if that’s the case for you right now, then order some cheap resistance bands online. Sites like Amazon sell them for under a tenner and there a one size fits all solution to working out at home if you don’t want to buy weight. The big rubber bands work off the level of resistance you choose, and ┬ádoing an exercise like the above is great for triceps.

That is a modified version of a tricep kickback where you take the handles and pull back using your tricep. When you start it will be hard to do, but again, with a bit of hard work again you’ll be able to do 10 in a row easy.

Now there’s just a couple of simple tips, and I’d also suggest having a browse on YouTube to get free home workouts for your bingo wings like the one below:



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